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When you’re caught in Arizona’s legal system, you need someone fighting on your side. Liberty Law represents clients facing traffic, DUI, and criminal charges. Our goal is to provide every client outstanding service and support during a frightening, confusing time.

We believe that every defendant is innocent until proven guilty and we do everything we can to fight for your rights and win your case. From the moment you walk into Liberty Law, you meet directly with Liberty Law’s principle attorney, Damon Petrehn. He explains your legal situation and provides no-nonsense legal advice regarding your various options.

If you’re dealing with a traffic citation or facing DUI or criminal charges, time is of the essence. You can’t ignore the problem hoping it will go away. Call Liberty Law today for your free consultation.

About Damon Petrehn

Liberty Law principle attorney Damon Petrehn in Scottsdale AZDamon Petrehn is the principle attorney at Liberty Law. While a law student at Arizona State University, he worked with the Public Defender’s office as a Rule 38 Student Attorney. Throughout his life, Damon felt compelled to fight for the underdog; that feeling was amplified during the time he spent working for the Public Defender’s office. Despite advice he received from the university’s career counselors to pursue corporate law, Damon was determined to work as a defense attorney.

After graduation, Damon worked for a variety of large law firms. Unhappy with the larger firms’ lack of customer focus, Damon decided to open his own practice, Liberty Law. He is a service-oriented attorney, driven to fight for his clients’ rights and guide them through Arizona’s often-confusing legal system.

Liberty Law handles traffic, DUI, misdemeanor, and felony cases throughout Arizona and the Phoenix-Metro area.